Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Karen, David, and I have been planning the Building Program Committee meeting next week on April 1.  We’re going to ask Joel Neel to give us an overview of campus master planning projects so that we can see how the library fits into the broader campus ecosystem of work, study, and living spaces. Meanwhile, Cheryl and I have been working with the Shepley Bulfinch team on a proposed schedule for their third visit on April 10.  All library staff are invited to the architects’ presentation the morning of April 10.  We’ll also host an open forum for the campus during the UU hour that day.

2.  Excited about:  Theresa May’s presentation at yesterday’s quarterly IS managers meeting, on how ITS is using Kaizen (“change for the best”) to improve processes. The kaizen process centers on staff (not managers).  It gives staff authority and time to rethink processes, looking for how to eliminate unnecessary work, and improve customer experiences. Staff propose changes to managers, and managers commit to immediate action. Cal Poly’s own Professor Eric Olsen (OCOB) has been leading and mentoring various groups on campus in using the kaizen (and related “lean”) processes.   More: http://www.cob.calpoly.edu/centralcoastlean/kaizen-events/

3.  Thinking about:  Key messages about the CSU libraries as a system.  COLD has committed this year to develop communications about the activities that make up the “Libraries of the Future” initiative:  the ULMS, a major expansion of the shared Electronic Core Collection (ECC) that provides equitable access to content across the CSU; library building transformation projects; and shared print initiatives that may involve the UC’s and other California libraries.  One of our first opportunities to test these key messages will be at a May 15 30-minute meeting of two COLD members with Chancellor White.

I’m taking a day’s vacation today, but I won’t miss Janice Stone’s retirement celebration this afternoon.  See you there!