Happy Pi Day!

1.  Working on:  The first wave of librarian retention and tenure files are moving through my office this month and are due back to them today.  This is a point each year when I get to reflect not only on their considerable individual contributions, creativity, and growth, but also to think about what a “faculty” (as a collective) means, and what makes it thrive.

2.  Excited about:  The Ithaka local survey of Cal Poly faculty has closed, and we are just beginning to see some of the early results.  Our response rate was around 20%, which is pretty good considering the length and somewhat relentless nature of the survey questions.  Our assessment / program review folks will be analyzing highlights to share this spring. Together with our SLAC student survey, the fall quarter collections use analysis from Sustainable Collections Services, and other assessment activities, we will have a lot to share in our first annual program review report this spring.

3.  Thinking about: There have been a couple of big reports published the last two weeks, of interest to academic libraries.  One is the Ithaka S+R US Library Survey of academic library deans and directors. Also from Ithaka is “Opening the Textbook” – just in time for Open Education Week! – a briefing paper on the “quiet revolution” in textbooks that’s happening in publishing and in libraries.  (Both are covered in Ithaka’s blog: http://www.sr.ithaka.org/blog).

Enjoy the cats in the atrium at lunch time today, and have a great weekend!