Happy Friday, and welcome to our alums who are gathering here in Julian’s this morning for First Friday coffee.

1.  Working on:  Together with several campus leaders and our library team (especially Tim, Dale, and Jessica), I’ve been working on issues around a gift to Cal Poly of approximately 14,000 books and serial volumes relating to the history of the printing industry.  The collection is a gift of the Printing Industries of America that emeritus GRC chair Harvey Levenson has championed for over a year now.  Most of the collection will be stored, processed, and eventually made accessible at Cal Poly, but outside the library.  The library will select rare and unique materials from the collection so that we can provide appropriate access and stewardship through Special Collections and Archives.  We’ll share more news on this front as it develops.

2.  Excited about:  Yesterday our master plan steering committee met virtually with the architects who showed us new sketches showing two quite exciting plans, representing possible groupings of library and partner program areas within the building. They’ll be developing their ideas further before their third visit on April 10.  Thanks to everyone for your annotations on the big drawings from their last visit. I’m hoping we’ll be able to share the ‘evolved’ version of their floor plans in the same way. Meanwhile, we’ve also asked Shepley Bulfinch to recommend a color palette that can guide our carpet, paint, furniture, and other design choices large and small as we move forward this spring.

3.  Thinking about:  An article in the Chronicle about the erosion of public support for public education.  Sorry, this isn’t a happy topic! But it’s a provocative read about important changes in education that impact higher education as well as the pipeline of elementary and secondary education systems.

On a happier note – I hope many of you can join us at 10 am on Monday in 511 for coffee and welcome to Jessica and Margaret.

Have a great weekend.