Happy Friday!

This month is the 1 year anniversary of my 3×3 experiment (also blogged at https://friday3x3.wordpress.com/).  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

1.  Working on:  A new core set of library facts.  CSI & ExTeam are putting together an updated numbers/fact sheet for Kennedy Library.  Inevitably questions come up like “how many ejournals do you have?”  (There may be only one person here who really knows just how hard it is to answer that question – are your ears burning Nikki?).  But it’s good to have these numbers at hand when needed.   A couple of things that caught my eye as we began to dig into this:  our 24 hour room use was up 34% last year; and our students and faculty downloaded over 1.3 million articles from our databases last year.

2.  Excited about:  The input, ideas, and feedback from so many perspectives during the architects’ meetings Tuesday.  From our students advocating with articulate force for student needs, to academic program leaders listening hard to each other, to diverse college faculty asking just the right (hard) questions, there’s so much to work with as we move into this next phase.  What is that next phase? Beginning to sort out what are the right projects that blend the exhilarating and ambitious ideas of the architects, our core commitment to Cal Poly’s students, and our opportunities to help the library, our faculty, and Cal Poly do awesome things together.  April 10 is shaping up as the date the architects will return, and present their ideas to us.

3. Thinking about:  Team work: After that amazing victory of the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday (sorry Denver fans), I was reading about their team chant:  “We all we got!” a player shouted.  “We all we need!” the chorus, including Carroll, sang. The refrain was repeated three times.  Then, in unison, a full-throated final question: “What’s next?”  That’s going to inspire me for at least a year.

I hope you get a chance to pause this morning at 10, for Cal Poly Authors (Jodi Lisberger and Debra Valencia-Laver).  Have a great weekend!