A VERY Happy Friday!

1.   Excited about: Kennedy Library’s being recognized by the ACRL excellence award. I got to share the announcement with SLAC yesterday just as ACRL was getting the word out…what fun!  SLAC’s letter of support was so impressive, I have no doubt it helped seal the deal.  I’ve heard many warm and genuinely excited congratulations from our partners and friends, as you probably have too.  What’s next?  A Cal Poly press release, announcements on our web site…a thanks to our student assistants (TBD), and organizing when and how to celebrate, officially, this spring (committee anyone?). Meanwhile, together, we did it!!  Enjoy the glow.

2.  Working on:  David and Karen facilitated a really fast-moving, fun discussion of architect project goals in the Building Program Committee this week. They had the great idea of asking us to reorder the goals in priority order (this involved scissors and tape, and got us away from wordsmithing), and then we talked together about why certain goals rose to the top…or didn’t.  And we added anything that we thought was missing. I hope you’re getting a chance to think and talk about the goals in your departments this week and next, as well.

3.  Thinking about:  Common spaces and how a campus can cultivate a “fabric” of common spaces. What’s a “common space”? A space that is flexible, welcoming and transparent where learners can meet or work before, after, and sometimes during scheduled class periods. A space that helps build a sense of community and that gives students authority to own their learning. This week I’ve had two opportunities to dive deeper into this thinking: one was a webinar I attended from the Learning Spaces Collaboratory (http://www.cni.org/news/exploring-common-spaces-webinar-12114/); the other was a focus group hosted by ASI as part of their master planning for the UU.

Enjoy the weekend!