Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Planning for our next Shepley Bulfinch visit.  Early next week you’ll see their notes from November’s meetings, a draft list of project goals, and some new and conceptually exciting “whole building” ideas the architects are developing.  The Building Program Committee will meet on Jan. 22 to review the project goals; ExTeam members will be inviting your input and thoughts on the goals too.  It looks like the library all-staff “town hall” with the architects on February 4 will happen in the afternoon, between 2:30 and 4 – but we’ll get it on everyone’s calendars as soon as we confirm.

2.  Excited about:  I just learned last week from Zach that 37 of his nominations of 50 Cal Poly historical films and sound recordings from the University Archives, were accepted for digitizing through the California Audiovisual Preservation Program (CAVPP). This means they’ll be digitized professionally for us, and shared with the world through the Internet Archive.  Films and audio recordings accepted include a rare interview with both Cal Poly presidents McPhee and Kennedy.  We expect they may be available within the next 6-8 months – we’ll keep you, and the campus, posted.  Congratulations, Zach!

3.  Thinking about: How we use and teach and support different cross-disciplinary academic search tools. There’s our own Summon / “Find” tool; there’s Google Scholar (check out their new “My Library” feature to save things to read later); there’s Web of Science – and we’ve just added access here at Cal Poly to 2009+ Arts & Humanities Citation Index; there’s also Microsoft  Academic Search, which I haven’t used, and Scopus (ditto).  This “thinking about” is inspired by a short article in Science: “Google Scholar wins raves, but can it be trusted?”   http://www.sciencemagazinedigital.org/sciencemagazine/03_january_2014?pg=14#pg14

Have a great weekend,