Happy Friday and Happy New Year!

I hope you had healthy and relaxing holidays.  Welcome back –  and, if you stayed here through the break, thank you for giving your co-workers much appreciated days at home or with friends and family!

1.  Working on:  A new, brief monthly email update from the library to faculty and other academic staff at Cal Poly.  The first one will go out next Friday. We want to gently push important news and stories from our blog – especially to faculty.  Each month’s email will highlight new library resources, services, policies, coming events, personnel – anything that might help or interest faculty and also help them support their students.  Karen, Conny, and ExTeam have all been working on this together.

2.  Excited about: The energy and perspective that every new year brings.  This will be a great year for us, as new people join our team this winter, as we continue our work with the architects (their next visit comes soon – February 4 – it will include their meeting with all library staff!); and as we continue looking at how next generation digital platforms and systems can transform and integrate our services.  If that weren’t enough, we have some knock-out events coming soon in the Data Studio, not to mention Science Cafe and Cal Poly Authors.  And we’ll kick off the year next week with an IS-wide all hands conversation with the Provost, next Thursday at 9 am.

3.  Thinking about: New Years resolutions, wise counsel of all kinds, planning and choices and goals…and achieving them.  You may enjoy this bit from the Harvard Business Review:  http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/01/achieve-your-goals-in-2014-heres-research-that-can-help/