Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  ExTeam is working on mid-year budget adjustments and will wrap this up in January. Meanwhile, we’ve increased our base collections budget based on new information; and we also used one-time money to help fund Tim’s proposal to acquire high quality ebook content from Springer. As many of you saw in an email yesterday, access has already been turned on to over 17K eBooks through the Springer site. This purchase was in response to the many turnaways we experienced from our users looking for (slightly) older Springer ebook content. We’re also reviewing recruiting strategies for supporting Access Services and will have news on that soon.

2.  Excited about:  Our Special Collections and Archives team has closed out the year with some amazing acquisitions, including a fascinating selection of new artists books, as some of you saw this week at their “nickel tour” / show and tell.  We also have great news this month, that we’ve finalized an extraordinary gift of beautifully collected oral histories from the Carrisa (Carrizo) Plain.  We’ll be sharing more about this important acquisition in Out Loud and elsewhere.

3.  Thinking about:  The holidays and the new year. Thanks to everyone for participating in yesterday’s festivities!  As you head off for well-earned days of rest and relaxation, a special thank you to our newest Kennedy Library friends – Jeremy, Chris, Amanda, Kerwin, Dana, and Carole – you make us a better place by being here!  And a round of applause to everyone for an outstanding year together.

Whatever your dreams are in 2014….make it so!