Happy Friday! It’s great to be back and to see everyone again (welcome back Michele!).

1. Working on:  This week’s CNI fall meeting was productive and inspiring, despite the cold, snow and  federal govt shutdown.  The show went on, and it was good.  I’m working on summarizing my notes to share with everyone. Big themes this year included digital preservation; data stewardship; and researcher identity management. There was a keynote on digital literacies and the digital divide (an unusual topic for CNI).

2.  Excited about:  Next week’s in-person meetings with prospective vendors of next generation library systems.  We’re hosting attendees from other CSU campuses, and expecting a great turnout from our own faculty, staff, and IS colleagues. A big thanks to everyone who’s been helping organize and support these, especially Tim, who’s also our nominee for coordinating communications on this project.

3.  Thinking about: A book I can’t wait to read:  Proximity: Triumph of the City by economist Edward Glaeser. Glaeser claims that proximity, or “face-to-face contact,” is not less, but more important as remote / digital communication increases; proximity leads to “more trust, generosity, and cooperation than any other sort of interaction.”  More at http://www.triumphofthecity.com

As the fall quarter draws to a close today, thank you all for an amazing three months: you had a  strong start, kept a steady pace, and sprinted to the finish!  We have much to be proud of.  Take a bow and enjoy a relaxing and restful weekend!