I’m in Washington DC this morning – taking a couple of days with family here and then attending the CNI meeting (Coalition for Networked Information) Monday & Tuesday…..I’ll be back to work next Friday.

1.  Working on:  Wrapping up the Director of Special Collections recruitment:  we should be able to share the outcome with everyone before the holiday break.

2.  Excited about:  The arrival of Carole Chapman AND of the beautiful new furniture in Information Resources & Resource Sharing, both in the same week!  The first floor “suite” looks amazing, thanks to  Dale and Tim, and the entire IRRS team, who worked throughout the spring and summer to come up with a great plan – and weathered drilling and demolition and disruption to achieve this transformation.

3.  Thinking about:  Literacies:  metaliteracy, transliteracy, multiliteracy  – you may have seen the article in this week’s Mustang News on this expanded definition of “literacy” for today’s students, from the perspective of the Writing Center and the library.  Among the articles I’ve read this week is one in “portal” that finds  talk about information literacy in terms of “finding resources (evidence, articles, etc)” is less effective than talking about “learning about.”  (Holliday and Rogers in the July 2013 issue of portal).