Happy Friday and greetings from Fresno.  I’m at COLD’s quarterly meeting today.  We’ve had updates on the statewide budget prospect (looking good) and today we’ll hear more about the ULMS (Unified Library Management System) initiative.

1.  Working on:  I’ve asked the CSI team to put some ideas together for how the library could produce a monthly e-newsletter that would be focused on “faculty facing” services, stories, and other updates. We have some great options, more than enough things to share, and it looks like we’re on track to begin a new faculty communication channel, in January.

2. Excited about: The opportunity that our meeting  next week with the architects team will give us to bring a great group of faculty, administrators, and students together, to discuss the future of library programs.  We’re finalizing the agenda for next week and will share details of the architects’ visit schedule, early next week.

3.  Thinking about:   http://gigaom.com/2013/11/14/google-wins-book-scanning-case-judge-finds-fair-use-cites-many-benefits/  This decision came out yesterday morning:  they found that Google’s book scanning “amounted to fair use because it was “highly transformative” and because it didn’t harm the market for the original work.”