Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  A fresh, full draft of our ACRL “excellence in libraries” award package.  I’m hoping to hand off a clean draft to Karen and Conny and all of you for feedback very soon.   It all began last April with you, with post-its and white boards at our all-staff meeting.  It passed through the hands of a creative writing team (Brett, Marisa, Michele) through spring and summer; and last week, our CSI team gave a very helpful critique its overall structure and tone. It will be fun to see it all come together!

2.  Excited about:  A real toss-up this week – so much is happening!  But – I’m very excited about the new things our college librarians are exploring this quarter in their teaching.  Jesse used “poll everywhere” in a session he organized for over 400 first year CAED students; Katherine’s “flipping” her introductory sessions for CAFES students. And, between David and Nikki at Charleston Conference, Conny at EdUI, and Sarah at the Open Education conference (Dana’s there too), we have a hat-trick this week of professional contributions from Kennedy Library, that are sharing the amazing work we’re doing together. Congratulations all.

3.  Thinking about:  The new president of ARL, Elliot Shore, has been talking and listening to others about their ideas on this.  Some of the ideas he’s hearing are worth thinking about:

“On his listening tour, Shore has also heard suggestions for new, more useful types of measures (of library value). People have asked, could there be a cost-avoidance index? Could there be a collaboration index? Could there be an enterprise-fit index? Innovative libraries are not being rewarded for saving money, collaborating with peers, and fostering cultures that advance higher education. These qualities need to be captured somehow in the measures used to evaluate libraries.”

Have a great Veterans Day weekend.