Happy Friday!  A warm welcome to all our library “emeriti” this morning who will be gathering at Julian’s around 10 to celebrate “first Friday”.  I hear some of our most recent retirees will be there (hi Karen!).

1.  Working on:   Next steps in our recruitment for the head of Special Collections and Archives.  We’re reviewing references and input, and will provide an update next week.  Meanwhile, in Special Collections we’re looking forward to Michele’s return to the library in mid-December, and we’re also extending Kerwin’s emergency position through early February, to continue to provide help to Laura and Zach with their projects and programs.

2.  Excited about:  KCPR in the archives! Last summer the library was offered some historical materials from KCPR,  including old audio files.   Zach’s been leading the effort to get appropriate playback and digitizing equipment, including an Otari tape deck, and a reel-to-reel player offered by folks in Classroom Technology.  You can already listen to digital files of about 80 tape cartridge recordings: http://digital.lib.calpoly.edu/cdm/search/searchterm/KCPR%20Radio/field/source/  The response from the KCPR community has been immediate and amazing – the KCPR Facebook site is jumping as these alums fill in the blanks for us.  A taste:

“This is the work of Randy Yau. He is an internationally recognized sound artist as well as the founder and curator of an annual showcase of artists working with the medium of sound from around the world called Activating The Medium of which the first year was his senior project at Cal Poly.”

3.  (Still) Thinking about:  The Science Cafe last week, and how we might be able to work with GAFFTA to grab data feeds from their projects as visual “information art” in the library.  We were lucky enough to have GAFFTA Executive Director, Josette Melchor here, and as she said: “The world is experiencing data overload. The digital exhaust is providing a new medium for artists, and they are exploring ways of making sense of this constant stream of digital information.” As Mark B. says I’m “on an open data bender.”  He even fed my obsession with this new report from McKinsey on “liquid information” –


Have a great weekend!