Congratulations to all our “Open Week” contributors on great workshops, talks, and an absolutely amazing Science Cafe yesterday morning.  If you missed it, look for the video from our team, it’ll be worth it!

1.  Working on:  Our 2012-2013 annual report….and the full draft is finally done!  It will go out to everyone for feedback as soon as Cheryl’s had a chance to give it her polishing touch. Many of you contributed to this through wonderful reports on your program’s accomplishments and milestones. These detailed department and program annual reports are all posted now on our Intranet. This year’s report includes the usual round-up of statistics trends; highlights include 35% more returning visitors on our web site; 63% increase in course reserve checkouts; 19% increase in instruction sessions; over 50,000 volumes weeded from print collections; and over 38,000 laptop checkouts.

2.  Excited about:  The purchase order with Shepley Bulfinch is signed, sealed and delivered!  We’ve confirmed November 21 and 22 as the first dates the architects will visit with us.  I’m in communication with the architects’ team and with our Steering Committee members (Joel Neel, Mike Miller, Dean Theodoropoulos), and we will be finalizing the members of the Building Program Committee within the next couple of weeks. I’ve begun working with Karen to get an announcement and other updates to the campus beginning next month.

3.  Thinking about:  A fellow COLD member forwarded a new 62-page report of the Commission on the Future of the UC Berkeley Library ( The Commission was charged with defining the “future mission” of research libraries. The report reframes its charge by asking the question, “what value will the research library add?” It calls out these answers: human expertise, enabling infrastructure, preservation and dissemination of knowledge/  At some level this is indisputable, but it also seems a bit stale (“so 2011”).  Their list of recommended actions on page 9 is a bit more interesting, as is their list of “health indicators” on page 15.

Enjoy the weekend!