It’s a big day here!  We have Cal Poly authors at 10, Data Studio events 12-3, All-Library-Staff fall updates at 1….and distinguished CAED guests in Special Collections at 3 (they’re being feted in the atrium at 4….).  Thanks to everyone for their amazing event development and support.

1.  Working on:  Budget.  Campus leadership has heard the call for more budget transparency (and process), and we’re getting it! There’s a new process both for sharing current year information with campus leaders, and for making requests for needed funding for future years.  You’ll hear more from Cheryl this afternoon about this year’s budget.  We’re also being asked what resources we need to support current and growing enrollments, and we provided Mike with a sketch of new positions, resources, and services we’d like to add over the next few years.

2.  Excited about:  Congratulations and thanks to the team that’s putting together great Open Access Week events!  Carly Strasser was awesome (again) yesterday at her talk.  There are more talks and workshops next week, some by our students and library faculty.  And to cap it off, an amazing Science Cafe next Thursday from GAFFTA on “urban prototyping”.  Makers, unite!  Speaking of which, here’s another article on the growing role of libraries in “making”:

3.  Thinking about:  The future of California public university systems.  More specifically, I was reading about the new report of the Little Hoover Commission (yes, it’s called that), saying it’s time for much more online learning in higher education:,0,6592783.story

I look forward to seeing you on Monday morning (11:10, 511) to meet our third candidate for the Director of Special Collections, and another Access Services head interview on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend,