Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Together with Special Collections and Archives (Laura), and Conny and her team, I’ve been working on a new partnership between the library and the Cal Poly Corporation that should be great public relations for us.  They’ll be creating and selling notecards that feature historic images from University Archives. The first run, which should be in the University Store by November, will consist of the first four images that were used in the big window clings at the store.  If this pilot is a success,  we’ll work with them on other image series and maybe other print products.

2.  Excited about:  A week ago Sunday, we hosted a well-attended welcome pizza event for Summer Institute and other first generation students in 511.  Among the library staff and partners who joined the students was Professor Linda Vanasupa – a library partner and lead faculty member on the SUSTAIN initiative.  Linda has volunteered two talented senior student tutors who have worked with SUSTAIN students, to offer SI students Sunday night open tutoring hours for math, chemistry, and sciences.  Not all SI students have a chance to benefit from the regular Supplemental Workshops in Science program – and now these students have another way to get this kind of support.  Pretty cool!

3.  Thinking about: At this week’s Academic Affairs staff meeting, the Provost talked about her new role coordinating campus strategic planning.  She’s working with deans and other staff to identify measures and indicators of progress in our major strategic theme areas.  I’m wondering, is our ability to provide high-impact learning experiences for our students something the campus should use as an indicator of progress?  Or is completion of the formal curriculum (“graduation rate”) our main measure of student success?  Related to this, I ran into this great article that looks at the shifting relationship between curriculum-centered and student-centered learning:  http://www.educause.edu/ero/article/disrupting-ourselves-problem-learning-higher-education

I hope to see you Monday morning (11:10, 511) at the presentation of our second candidate for Director of Special Collections!

Enjoy the weekend!