Happy Friday!

It’s wonderful to be home after vacation, and exciting to be immersed in the fall tide of student energy, and the equally exciting tide of library events, meetings, and conversations.  Thanks to everyone for a fantastic first two weeks!

1.  Working on:  I’m catching up! The library’s draft of annual goals  will be coming out on Monday.  This should still give everyone a week or so to review, discuss with their teams, and provide feedback, before we finalize them and share the plan with everyone at the library all-staff meeting on Friday, October 18. Also on the agenda for that all-staff meeting: more details about the  “master plan” work we’ll begin this fall with a great team of architects; and highlights from Dale about the cool things he’ll be seing at NCSU this coming week at their new James B. Hunt Library.

2.  Excited about:  STEAM: that’s STEM + “A” for “Arts”. It’s a movement!  The Mustang News even covered it:  http://mustangdaily.net/putting-the-art-back-into-technical-disciplines/  A great event yesterday morning in the Data Studio featured a conversation between a couple of amazing people, who are deeply engaged in creating experiences that bring the processes of art and science together.  Thanks to Jeanine and Russ for a beautifully conceived program. I can’t wait for the next one!

3.  Thinking about:  “Open”.  The conference I went to in September was all about the global movement to open up and share data (and cultural resources) of all kinds, and to make it possible for others to use open data to create new things, inform, advocate, and make choices.  Just one example:  check out “open corporates”:  http://opencorporates.org.  When our federal government returns, you can check http://ckan.org/2013/05/23/data-gov-relaunch-on-ckan/  and data.gov too….!  I’d love to share more from the conference with anyone who’s interested – I’ll send out an invite to do that next week.

Have a great weekend,