Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Goals and annual report.  ExTeam had a great discussion of draft department goals and library-wide priorities at our meeting this week. Our next step is to put together a draft of these top-level goals and share it with everyone for feedback over the next few weeks.  Annual report drafts have been flowing in from all corners of the library and will be exciting to put together and reflect back on an amazing year.   A full draft for staff feedback will also be coming later in September.

2.  Excited about: This is a tough choice, with Sharon & team completing the Big Shift yesterday (!) – it turns out they’ve shifted nearly 1/3 of our entire collection.  And then there’s the new library web site slated to launch next week!  Both are an amazing display of hard work and team work on two incredibly visible and important summer projects.

3.  Thinking about:  Rhetoric.   I just picked up a very funny and useful book called “Lend Me Your Ears,” that offers an audience-centered alternative to the classic Powerpoint approach (“I’m going to talk to some slides…”).

I’ll be out of the office on vacation and talking to…an audience, I hope, not some slides! – through September 20.  So I’ll take a pause on 3×3’s until the first week of classes.  Sarah’s in charge while I’m out. I know it will be an amazing few weeks as we get ready for one of our best years ever at Cal Poly.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and see everyone in September!