Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:   Our ACRL excellence in academic libraries award writing committee (Michele, Marisa, Brett, and me) has been wrapping up its work drafting our application (due in December).   We have four sections in draft and it’s beginning to all come together.  Our next phase will bring in new sets of eyes to revise, hone, illustrate, and polish.   A peek into these early drafts finds collaboration defined as “dependence on interdependence” (Marisa);  and describes our building as moving “from neo-brutal to Neuromancer” (Brett)!

2.  Excited about:  Summer Institute 2013.  Brett shared with Sarah and me a summary of this year’s SI library sessions. The SI student assistants all said the library sessions had become more interactive and better tailored to the specific needs of SI students.  And 97% of SI students said they’d recommend that all Cal Poly students attend library sessions like these. Go team!  Along with Brett, I had a chance this week to attend the SI graduation lunch at the PAC.  The student-made video was great. And their logo this year was truly cool:  a green superman emblem “SI”, that said: “Made of Steel”.

3:  Thinking about:  Next-generation library systems: what will come after Millennium? Alma? (http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/category/AlmaOverview)  Sierra? (http://sierra.iii.com/) Dale and his team went to Sacramento last week for a CSU-wide library IT gathering and heard a lot from David Walker in the Chancellor’s Office and from other campuses about exploring a move to a new, “unified” library system.  Many webinars and meetings are being scheduled.  This is great because Tim will be leading us in our own exploration of next-generation and cloud-based library systems this year.

Enjoy the beautiful summer days this weekend!