Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  The search committee for Director, Special Collections and Archives had its first meeting this week:  we have a promising set of applications already and we’re already developing round 1 interview questions and hope to schedule phone interviews later this month.

2.  Excited about:  For the past few months Cate and I have been working with provost’s and president’s offices to propose a 1-year assignment of 20% of Cate’s time to serve as campus art curator.  Cal Poly has an astonishing variety of fine arts, from drawings and paintings to sculptures and more. They’re owned by many different organizations, and some are shrouded in mystery.  For years Cate has been the unofficial clearinghouse / consultant when people have questions like: where can we store this artwork? is there fine art we could display here?  Who does this artwork belong to?  Now it’s official! Cate will work closely with a revived campus-wide Art Acquisitions Committee on this work, and make recommendations for future curatorial and policy needs as she learns more.  A campus announcement about Cate’s new role is forthcoming. Meanwhile, I am very excited about this new service to the campus, and very proud of Cate’s ability to support it through her expertise.

3.  Thinking about:  I’ve had a couple of weekend and day-off writing projects going this spring and summer. Last night I finished & submitted an article to ASIS&T,  “Libraries, Process, and Data,”  so I’ve been thinking about process and product in libraries (and education).  I’ve also been working on a paper and presentation for the Open Knowledge Conference (“OKCon”) in September, about libraries as a cultural commons.  This has taken me down some amazing roads, including a deep dive into the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, http://www.walkerart.org, and their Open Field project:  http://www.walkerart.org/openfield/