Happy Friday, and Happy August!

1.  Working on:  This week we finalized our agreement with University Scheduling on lab scheduling this year.  This year’s agreement allows University Scheduling to book up to four of the library labs (“Standard” PC lab 111B;  Mac Lab 216A; and “CAD/GIS” labs, 217C and 217D), when they do their initial courseload, 5-6 months out (they’re scheduling winter quarter now).  The fifth lab  – 216B, currently under renovation – will be booked only by the library this year, with library instruction having priority, together with ITS and CTLT training/workshops.  After the initial courseload, Information Services can book into the other 4 labs as well.  Need to book 216B?  Shelly is taking reservations now.   Thanks to Dale, Sarah, and Jane for their input on this year’s agreement.

2.  Excited about:  This year’s Summer Institute!  What could be more inspiring on a summer afternoon than the swirl of 90 breathless Summer Institute participants, all madly ringing the elevators and running around the library, iPads in hand. They’ve been doing library “treasure hunts,” organized by Brett, Jesse, KO, and our amazing new SI student assistant, Carla.  Carla and KO are planning a fall social in 511 for SI students, as well as a series of SI workshops / events; and Kristen, Sarah, and KO have been putting together some great SI “swag” that will include a calendar of SI study sessions in 511.

3.  Thinking about:  This year’s Millennial Impact Report from advancement experts CASE (www.themillennialimpact.com).  It’s easy to read, and filled with infographics.  It’s all about how Millennials (people born 1979-1994) like to communicate.   The “top takeaway”:  Millennials first support causes they’re interested in, not institutions.” Also, smart phone / mobile-friendly communication is critical:  “Organizations should think ‘mobile first,’ and focus on responsive design as well as content…and offer ways people can get involved.” (“Responsive design” is what Conny & team are using in our new web site – read more:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Responsive_web_design)

Have a great weekend,


PS  Check our Twitter feed to see the new posts on Vine that Vicki’s been creating about our artists books.  A taste: https://t.co/wVmgbfjuGz