Happy Friday!

This is has been a week of  farewells and welcomes – we wish Peter Runge every happiness and success as he rejoins his family and colleagues in Northern Arizona; we also welcome Jeremy Hobbs and Christopher Lee to our Acquisitions and Interlibrary Services programs respectively. Jeremy is already here and Christopher begins with us on Monday.

1.  Working on:  Staffing and transition in Special Collections and Archives: I’m pleased to announce the search committee for Peter’s successor: as supervisor I’ll chair the committee, which includes Laura and Zach, Jesse, Cheryl (ExTeam and EEF), and Professor Tom Trice.  We’ll begin meeting in August to review applications.  Meanwhile, next week, Special Collections and Digital Commons staff will be interviewing a potential emergency hire to provide basic support during the busy fall season, and while Michele’s on  leave.

2.  Excited about:  Facilities began to put up the bounding wall around what will become the expanded 216B classroom.  The reality that we’ll have this space ready to go this fall is dawning on me! Dale has finalized the layout, selection of furniture, and computer hardware.  The attached picture gives you an idea of how we expect the tables will look:  computers will be embedded in the tables so that students can bring their own laptops and plug in, or pull out a keyboard and have a monitor pop up out from the table surface.

3.  Thinking about:  Goals and next steps for how the library can contribute to inclusivity and diversity on campus. Katherine, Sarah and I met this week with Annie Holmes and had a great discussion. Annie encouraged us to think about opportunities to reach out to parents and families during spring open house; she also told us about a major campus-wide networking event that will take place September 26.

Have a great weekend!