Happy Friday!

I’m on vacation today, so this has been a short week, but a great one.

1. Working on:  this week, with ExTeam, we launched this year’s goal-setting process. We also worked on a timeline for creating Kennedy Library’s annual report.  More on goal setting and timeline:  https://intranet.lib.calpoly.edu/confluence/display/main/Goals

2.  Excited about:   the phenomenal progress of our shelvers, weeders, catalog processing team, facilities liaisons, and more this summer.  You’ve all read Sharon’s updates on their progress.  The second floor shelving area looks amazing, and I’m excited to see the progress on the third floor beginning this week as well.

3.  Thinking about:  the discussion this week in the All Librarians Group (ALG).  The discussion keyed off an article David selected, about “activity measures” in libraries (gate count, circulation, database access), and what these measures tell us.  In the aggregate, they may help identify major patterns, but can they really tell us about our impacts?   Is it important to show a correlation between library use and GPA’s and completion, or is there a deeper story libraries can tell?  By the way, there’s a good (longish) article contrasting the mentality of student as products vs. learning as process.  http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2013/07/18/colleges-need-emphasize-learning-over-credentials-essay

Have a wonderful weekend.