Happy Friday!

This will be a short one as I’m heading out of town this morning for family business.  I hope you and your families and friends enjoyed a gorgeous 4th of July.

1)  Working on:  This week Shelly and I have been working on posting the position for Peter Runge’s successor, and with Shelly’s awesome follow-up, and Conny’s team’s work later today, I’m delighted to say that the posting is open, now, on the Cal Poly jobs site. It will be advertised widely beginning Monday.  Our timetable for the recruitment calls for in-person interviews before Thanksgiving.  More details to follow next week.

2)  Excited about: Our new website design – thanks to everyone for your great input to Conny! I was also excited to learn this week about how our website is used: Conny put together statistics showing that we had over 2 million visitors to our site last year (NOT counting library staff), and also that we had a big increases in: return visitors, the number of pages visitors read, and the length of time people spend on our site.   All great indicators that people are finding reasons to come in, and stay…virtually.

3) Thinking about:  I’ve been reading a book by Lewis Hyde called “Common as Air.”  It’s a great 4th of July read, because Hyde roots the importance of a “cultural commons” in the bold thinking of Ben Franklin and other 18th century inventors of our form of democracy, who believed that “knowledge is a commonwealth, not a private preserve.”  (It seems fitting that Franklin and his friends founded the first “social” library in 1731…it was formed out of a small club that met Friday nights, first in a tavern and later in a house, to discuss moral, political, and scientific topics of the day: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_Company_of_Philadelphia))

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!