Happy Friday!

1) Working on:  Earlier this year the federal government (OSTP) announced new requirements to provide open public access to journal articles that result from federally-funded research.  Now the big federal funding agencies have to figure out how to make this happen.  The library-university community, led by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL),  is jockeying with the publisher-scholarly society community to offer a solution: SHARE is the library’s solution, CHORUS is the publishers’.  This week public universities across the country were asked to provide feedback about SHARE:  is it a workable solution? could we participate in it?  Marisa, Tim, David and I worked together on our feedback, and sent it off yesterday.  (And, yes, we do support SHARE, even while the devil’s in the details!). We would love to see a solution that brings more research results into institutional repositories like our Digital Commons.

2) Excited about:  It’s not even July yet, but we’re seeing great progress on our summer facilities projects.  In addition to the roof repairs underway this week, yesterday we opened up a new door along the main entrance, just in time for a new year of gate-counts! State documents are all on the 2nd floor now, and as Sharon announced, we’re making fast progress in moving the LC class collections down from the 3rd floor.  Yesterday was moving day for LIT into their  expanded office space (510A-B).   And: we’ve moved the Research Scholars temporarily to 314, clearing the way to begin work on expanding the 216B classroom.  The Scholars will be moved permanently by the end of the summer to Room 512 – this is possible because campus Facilities has graciously agreed to relocate their custodial supervisor office from 512 to the first floor (Heather Lucio’s old office).

3) Thinking about:  I found myself reading an article from the Harvard Business Review this week, “Manage your energy, not your time.”  It’s an old (2007) article, and has become fodder for a lot of life-coaches and the like, but there’s something to it.  This time of year it seems especially relevant, as we recommit our resources (budget), time (goals and priorities) and take a pause to renew our energy (summer vacations!).  What renews your energy?

Have a great weekend,