Happy Friday!  It’s been a quiet week on campus, and a great week for getting to know our IS colleagues better at Tuesday’s retreat.

1)  Working on:  ExTeam has been putting the final touches on our budget allocations for 2013-2014. This involves getting updated estimates of facilities projects that have been green-lighted, late-spring additions and changes in the CSU-wide Electronic Core Collections (ECC); and new salary projections as we update recruiting plans and timelines.  The budget (to quote Dale) is an expression of our program, which is what makes all this so interesting, including finding the right balance of support for our core services, with investing in new initiatives.

2) Excited about:  the 80,000+ new ebooks available to Cal Poly through ProQuest’s award-winning Academic Complete ebrary database.  We have these because of the aforementioned changes in the ECC.  There are ebooks in every discipline, and they’re mobile-device friendly. We’re still working through user support issues (how they’ll show up in our catalogs and discovery tools, downloading and reading options, etc.), and then will get the word out far and wide.  Meanwhile take a look: http://site.ebrary.com/lib/calpoly/home.action

3)  Thinking about: tiny social media:  the power of slivers of sound, thought, and images.  How can we use these and who can we reach with them? We have Twitter going strong –  and now Karen and her team (thanks Patrick, Vickie) are looking at Vine and SoundCloud to deliver tiny (and not-so-tiny) media. Check out other libraries on SoundCloud, like British Library https://soundcloud.com/the-british-library, and  our own podcasts https://soundcloud.com/kennedy-library

Have a great summer weekend!