Happy Friday, end of quarter, and end of year! Congratulations on your phenomenal service to our Cal Poly community!

1)  Working on (with Dale and Sarah):  a fall solution to balancing the needs of different students and faculty for (a) access to graphics-intensive expensive software packages in our labs (such as GIS/ESRI andCAD/SolidWorks), and (b) relatively fast login time when students sit down at a computer. We are working closely with University Scheduling, and we think we have a compromise that will offer a good mix of computing environments, by putting a “light” and fast load in 111B and 216B, and a “heavy” more specialized load in 217C and 217D.

2)  Excited about:  getting the full results of this year’s SLAC survey (thanks Jesse!).    I thought the full report was really well organized, and the public story and infographic are great too.  A couple of things I noticed in a quick read-through:  how important those quiet spaces for study are on the 4th and 5th floors; and the demand for white board (dry erase) markers!  What did you think was most interesting?

3)  Thinking about:  Project management and communication.  This morning ExTeam will be sharing the library’s project management process  with the whole IS management group.  For us, project management is closely tied to our annual goal-setting processes.  How could we improve (a) how we track progress on goals and projects, and (b) how we communicate progress and outcomes?

Have a great first weekend of summer, and see you Monday!