Happy Friday everyone!

Since I’ve already shared so many words at our all staff meeting this morning…and in the spirit of Conny’s principle-of-simplicity, I’ll keep today’s 3×3 brief:

1)  Working on (with Cate): how to help the campus curate the paintings and other art the campus owns (including some in the library’s care).

2)  Excited about: SIPX – a slick tool making it super easy for faculty to use library and open content in their classes (Thx to Tim for organizing a great demo last week!).

3)  Thinking about:  crowd sourcing (e.g. microfinancing, crowd sourcing metadata, UnConferences, etc.) as a strategy for libraries. More at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing

Have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday!


PS – for anyone still looking for tools to create quick narrated slide show “movies”, I heard about 4 more from a faculty member I met this week. If you’re interested tell me & I’ll send you more info!