Happy Friday!

I’ve been working this week on a position description and recruitment ad for Peter’s successor.  I’ve been sharing drafts with the Special Collections & University Archives team, and with ExTeam, and it should be ready for broader vetting in the next week or so.  One of the things we’ve been thinking about is how to describe the University Archives part of the position, considering our role as steward of the university’s history, and given how much of that history is now born-digital.

I’m excited that two of our librarians are receiving news today that they are receiving tenure and promotion.  We couldn’t be prouder of you, Jeanine and Katherine!!  All of our librarians have moved successfully through their respective RPT steps this year, and this is very happy news for a Friday.  At our all-staff meeting next Friday morning in 511, we’ll celebrate and acknowledge not only our librarians’ achievements, but also the outstanding contributions of colleagues and co-workers across all of our library programs.

I’ve been thinking about whether we should put a keyboard / piano somewhere in the library.  If so, what kind? where?  What do you think?  Actually, I’ve been thinking about this ever since Kristen gave her informal report on library visits in Holland last year.  She claims that every library in Holland has a piano.  And sure enough a quick search turned up a couple of pianos in Amsterdam and Delft libraries.  And even more ideas for Dale!

“Everywhere I turned, people were engaged in activities that are slowly making their way across the Atlantic Ocean. Kids were playing X-Box and Playstation. People were composing music on a piano and taking their compositions home on a memory stick. Others were using computers to hone their language skills. Two “sonic chairs” made listening to music a genuinely sensual experience.”

an example of the array of colors in DOK

Enjoy the weekend,