Happy Friday!

Working on: I’ve spent more hours than I care to think this week using ProfCast, on that LITAC spring update that I mentioned last Friday.  I am done – for now – but even this modest 3-minute narrated powerpoint reminds me what I learned a few years ago from Patrick Kammermeyer: an enormous amount of time is needed to create even very simple media communications.  All the more reason to honor our student “Pitch Perfect” video award winners this year, and celebrate and thank the Kennedy library team, for producing one delightful media experience after another.  Don’t miss the “Cielo Project” – new this week (http://lib.calpoly.edu/blog/outloud/).

I’m excited about the great conversation the Provost and our librarians had at the Library Faculty Council meeting this week. The Provost asked excellent questions, knew a lot about us and our librarians, and engaged each librarian in turn in a great dialog about their work on campus. One thing was clear: we can all be proud of our librarians’ collective and individual reputations (speaking of which: congratulations to Katherine on being named “Living Learning Program Faculty/Staff Award Winner” for Fremont Hall this year!)  It was also encouraging to hear the Provost voice heartfelt interest in getting more funding for library’s collections.

I’ve been thinking about cultural diversity at Cal Poly, and about how diverse communities and needs can stay hidden in plain sight until we ask questions and talk to each other.  Last week a number of us learned for the first time at a campus panel of first-generation students about the Mexa-sponsored alternative to WoW, “OUR”.  This week KICC (Kennedy Inclusive Culture Committee) learned from Cate Trujillo about the President’s support for “cultural commencements” – and that there are many of them. And then this week there was a great article in the Chronicle about how “big data” was mined at Georgia State to uncover an opportunity to make a big impact on student retention through tiny “instant” grants.

Enjoy a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!