Happy Friday!

This week I’ve been working on a 3-minute online library update to send to the LITAC advisory group before their spring meeting at Cal Poly on June 6.  The idea is to offer a peek into what we’ve accomplished this year, and where we’re going next.  I’ll send it to you too when it’s done! The LITAC meeting will be  at the library, where they’ll get some time with the CTLT crew, followed by lunch in the Atrium.  They’ll be joined by a handful of distinguished guests at lunch, who will also tour the Links to the Land exhibit, and be welcomed afterward by Special Collections.

I’m excited about the amazing quality you bring to the table every day.  Dale’s emails and updates this week have been a vivid reminder of the speed and complexity of the work we do together, and the uplifting environment that you create.  I’ve been told several times just this week by members of the faculty and campus leaders about how they sense this visible yet intangible magic about our library:  a sense of involvement and belonging that they feel just by walking through our doors.

I’ve been thinking about “assessment.” The activity, but also the word.  This week in ExTeam we had a great discussion of an initial report and recommendations by our assessment team (Sarah, Cheryl, David, Karen).  According to the online etymological dictionary, since 1540 “assessment” has meant  the “value of property for tax purposes.”  Then in 1956 “assessment” becomes “education jargon.”  Between taxes and jargon…are there better words to describe this activity:  “continuous improvement”? “accountability”?   More food for thought at:  http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/standardslibraries#appendix1

I hope some of you get a chance to join the Mini-Maker Faire on Saturday (who could miss “Competitive Collaborative Calamity” – http://lib.calpoly.edu/blog/outloud/ai1ec_event/diy-crowd-sourced-gaming/?instance_id=29)

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!