Happy Friday!

I’ve been working this week on a memo that describes the library’s late-night safety and security issues and concerns.  Since expanding our main library hours and our 24-7 study zone, we’ve been lucky to have had few safety crises or problems. We’ve also taken a number of steps to increase security and safety.  But we have an opportunity this spring to offer suggestions for improving campus support for the quality of the 24-7 environment, via the President’s 24-7 Campus Life Action Group, which is finalizing its recommendations by early June.  For example, the escort van service hours don’t support students after midnight, even though both the library and VG dining at the UU are open until 2 am. I plan to share my draft memo next week with ibrary staff and student assistants, and with SLAC, and I look forward to your input.

I’m excited about our second annual Data Studio open house, happening this morning at 10 am.  Our distinguished guest speaker is Dr. Melissa Cragin, who is a pioneer in data services in libraries. Student demos are scheduled before and after her talk. Jeanine and Russ have done an amazing job with this year’s inaugural “Data Studio Presents” series! I’m also excited that the library’s Data Studio is hosting a campus-wide “Big Data” forum on May 17, organized by Bradford Anderson and Andrew Schaffner. One of the goals of the Data Studio is to help build connections across Cal Poly among people with an interest in data, so this is a milestone for us.

I’ve been thinking this week about Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In:  Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.” Cal Poly’s Status of Women Committee has organized a panel discussion of the book today, and I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say about this book.  It has gotten a huge amount of attention, and many have found it inspiring or provocative. Lots of debate going on at places like: http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2013/04/10/sheryl-sandberg-book and here: http://www.npr.org/blogs/13.7/2013/03/31/175862363/should-all-women-heed-authors-advice-to-lean-in. What do you think?

Have a great weekend,