Happy Friday!

I’ve been working this week on a summary of the reports, recommendations, and hard work of the four EAR working groups that I’ll be sharing with COLD this morning in Long Beach. One of EAR’s recommendations will be to stop the Patron Driven Acquisitions (PDA) ebook pilots we’ve been running for two years, and instead use central funds to license a large academic ebook collection from EBSCO or Proquest. Other EAR recommendations include upgrading to Academic Source Premier across the whole system; and removing several products from the core ECC collection, in favor of one or two products that are considered more valuable (TBD this spring).

I’m very excited about the evolving plans we have for expanding our smallest hands-on classroom, 216B this summer.  This week we received the go-ahead via the IS leadership team, to implement our proposal to turn 216B into an exemplary active learning classroom.  Dale, Sarah, Ryan Jones (CTLT/classroom technologies), and Michael Brennan (facilities) have consulted with college librarians and developed an outstanding plan.  Their design will support both traditional and  more active “guide on the side” modes of teaching.  Students will sit at tables with wall-mounted monitors for sharing work,  there will be room to move around, and for mobile whiteboards.  It will also be our first experiment with a laptop-equipped instructional space.

I’ve been thinking about next-generation integrated library systems.  Here at COLD yesterday we listened briefly by phone to the new head of Innovative Interfaces, Kim Massana, and his team. They told us they are working on offering better access to Link+ borrowing data (we have, effectively, no access now!).  They are also hiring someone to specialize in consortial business models.  Meanwhile David Walker is giving a presentation first thing this morning on his thinking about developing a common integrated library system across the entire CSU system – ideally a “next-generation”, probably cloud-based system.  Should be interesting and I look forward to learning a lot & sharing with everyone!

Have a great weekend and see you Monday,