Happy Friday!

Earlier this week I met the new VP for Student Affairs, Keith Humphrey. Keith leads the part of Cal Poly that runs housing, Student Academic Services (including Academic Skills Center), Summer Institute, WoW and SOAR, ASI, DRC, Health Services, Student Life & Leadership, Career Services.  It’s a huge portfolio.  I shared with Keith some of the ways the library partners now with Student Affairs, and we talked about other ways we can work together in the future.  Something I’m hoping to engage Student Affairs’ support on is improving safety and security for our students and staff in our building. Meanwhile I’ve been working with Sarah and Cheryl on this too, as we continue to evolve our staffing model to support not only our 24/7 space but the longest open hours of any main library in the CSU system.

I’m excited about what the LIT crew has been doing to create a more useful library mobile presence (hats off to Carl and the whole team).  To preview, use your mobile phone (or emulate by going to http://m.lib.calpoly.edu), and check out the “computing” menu for real-time info on availability of collaboration rooms – and reservation options; the PolyConnect computer queue, what gadgets are available to borrow, and yes, floor-by-floor computer availability.  All this and easy links back to our full web site. Congratulations!

I’ve been thinking about data, “big data,” what is called “analytics,” and in the educational technology world, “learning analytics”. For a visual taste of learning analytics, see http://newsroom.opencolleges.edu.au/learning-analytics-infographic/  or for a more academic snapshot, http://www.ifets.info/journals/15_3/2.pdf.  Last week Sarah sent me an article on “the hidden biases in big data” from the blog at Harvard Business Review (HBR).  That led me to recent books like “Raw Data is an Oxymoron” – I’m looking forward to reading this! I like the idea of personalized learning and empowering “end users” by helping them reflect on and track their own progress, preparation, etc. But is there a danger that analytics focuses so much on what can be quantified, that we may lose sight of the uniquely personal and unpredictable aspects of learning? What do you think?

I hope you have a chance to get to this morning’s Cal Poly Authors event (10 am),  and I’ll see you all Monday morning at our all-staff meeting!

Have a great weekend,