Happy Friday!

Does the library seem even busier to you this year than last year?  It’s true:  fall 2012 gatecount was up 5.6% over fall 2011.  And this week Judy tells me we’ve had over 10,000 visitors each day. It’s like Grand Central around here! A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who is putting in extra effort and hours to support students through another end-of-quarter push.

This week I’ve been working with Katherine, Brett, and Sarah to plan library support for this year’s Summer Institute.  For three weeks in July and August, Summer Institute brings first generation students to Cal Poly for academic work and communitiy-building. Our librarians team-teach their weekly sessions on research methods.  With Summer Institute enrollment growing from 60 to 90 students this year, we’re planning on adding a third librarian to the team, and we’re also adding a student Summer Institute intern.  The SI intern will also work with the library through next academic year, to help coordinate a new library-based program of informal academic support for SI students and alums.  It will build on this year’s KICC-sponsored pilot to provide SI students and alums with library space (511) for group study sessions on weekends, evenings, and during dead week and finals.

I’m excited about a meeting I had this week with our ACRL excellence in libraries award team (https://intranet.lib.calpoly.edu/confluence/display/all/ACRL+Excellence+in+Academic+Libraries+Award). Led by Dale last fall, the team did some great research on how we can put together an awesome application for this national recognition of library innovation and teamwork.  Dale has handed off the next phase to me, and the team has roughed out our planning and writing schedule through 2013.  We’re going to kick this off with you!  Stay tuned for an invitation to an all-staff gathering on April 15 where we’ll ask everyone to help us brainstorm the application content and themes.

I’ve been thinking about all the ways libraries support undergraduate research experiences. This week you may have spotted the Kinesiology poster session that we hosted in the “library gallery” – Vicki, our student communications assistant, wrote a great blog piece on it: http://lib.calpoly.edu/blog/outloud/2013/03/13/kinesiology-and-kennedy/ .  We also participated this quarter in the campus-wide Evernote “hackathon,” https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/cal-poly-hack/.  Other libraries host or support campus undergraduate research fairs and competitions, or are involved in publishing undergraduate research journals.  I’m meeting next week with the new head of research at Cal Poly, Dean Wendt, and I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks about campus programs like this.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day (http://paddynotpatty.com/) , and have a great weekend!