Happy Friday!

Some of you have seen ExTeam members walking around the building, and others have heard rumors.  While we’re still in very early stages of planning, I’ve been working closely with ExTeam over the last couple of weeks to consider some options for creating the space CTLT needs for their expanding program and staff.  In particular, I’m hoping to develop a plan that aligns with what we know about our users’ needs and activities, and with what we know about the future of print collections, including the library’s long-term needs for Special Collections. I have a meeting next week with Mike Miller and Patrick O’Sullivan to review options and get a sense of the timeline for any project we undertake.  As soon as I know more I’ll share that news with everyone.

I’m excited about some developments in our web site redesign project.  What makes a great library web site? ExTeam met with Conny and Karen this week to come up with a shared sense of what we want the key messages of our redesigned web site to be.  A taste: “We empower you.  We inspire you. We put you in control.”  And…”You are virtuous” (for being in the library).  Also exciting is LIT’s/Conny’s  plan this spring, to move our mobile site from the simple-but-crude Springshare platform to a much more functional (jQuery) framework that will allow us to do many cool things…also in the works.

Speaking of projects:  this was the week for thinking about project management. Is it the cure for massive and complex workloads? Or does it get in the way of innovating and getting things done?  ExTeam members were invited this week to a presentation about the ITS Way of Project Management:  “agile”, and “backlogs” and “roadmaps.”  Several folks in the library have been sharing promising light-weight project management tools in the library and testing them out.  If you have a tool, a philosophy, or a question on this, please share!

And finally, for your weekend viewing pleasure, do we have a cool new Chancellor or what?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d66_pIW-N2M

Have a great weekend!