Happy Friday!

This year I’ve been chairing the CSU-wide Electronic Access to Resources (aka “EAR”) committee that provides direction for how we spend $5M in central funding on core information resources like JSTOR and Lexis-Nexis. So I didn’t expect to be working quite so much this year on our print collections!  But I have been, and one reason is that a year ago, a small group of provosts from the LA area organized themselves to create a “Libraries of the Future” (LOFT) task force. Their goals? To explore opportunities to manage and share print collections, so their libraries could recapture space for other uses, and save money. Fortunately they also embraced other goals as well – like innovating and collaborating.  But meanwhile, all 23 campuses have been offered the chance to get funding from the Chancellor’s Office to have a national consultant crunch data about our print collections – circulation, overlap with other libraries, and with Hathi Trust, etc.  I’m working with Tim and Sarah to arrange to get this data for us and it should be really interesting once we have it.

I’m excited about all the things we’re doing in the library to share and celebrate art.  In addition to our new “Library Gallery” near the Circ Desk, we have a couple of other cool things coming along.  Karen, Dale, Cate, and I have been working with a couple of newer architecture faculty who are designing some amazing art installations for us.  One, by Prof. Clare Olsen, will be installed in the grand stairway.  I love the name she’s given this work:   “Learning is Infectious.”  Look for it sometime this spring (if all the powers-that-be align).  You can read more in our blog, where we’ve been documenting Clare’s process: http://lib.calpoly.edu/blog/outloud/2013/01/07/clare-on-color/.  And, just getting started is the SLAC “This is Poly” photo competition, which will place student photography throughout the library, refreshing the colorful images in Dale’s Black Frames (http://lib.calpoly.edu/services/students/competition/photo.html).

I’ve been thinking about some interesting stuff I heard at a presentation on Monday by an advancement (ie fundraising) guru that Cal Poly brought in to share his wisdom, Jim Langley.  I think the most important thing we all heard is that everyone – yes, even very wealthy people – want to be treated as people with a brain, and opinions, and something of value to contribute beyond money.   Of course (I’m editorializing now), the point is to treat everyone – not just very wealthy people – this way.  Then we raise wealth of every kind – incuding ideas, affection, and respect!

Have a great weekend,