Happy Friday!

This Friday email is an experiment – and you’re invited to help me with it!

I’m going to borrow the All Librarians’ Group “3×3” model  (3 minutes to talk about 3 things) to send everyone a short email, every Friday, to share three things I’m working on, excited about, or thinking about.  If you have questions or if are there things you’d like to hear about from me – let me know.

Here goes:

I’m working with Dale and Sarah on a proposal to expand our smallest computer classroom, 216B, by removing the walls between 216B and the Research Scholars and Satellite TV rooms. We need a more usable and flexible teaching space for our library faculty.  The other four spaces are heavily booked during core teaching hours. University Scheduling can only schedule four spaces at a time (leaving one open for us) – but in practice this means when we get the call to teach at the last minute, the only space available in the library is 216B, and it’s too small.   Last week Dale and I met with Ryan Jones (Ryan’s the new head of CTLT’s classroom technologies group), and Dale’s working now with Ryan on layout options.  We’ll be asking for input from our librarians as we continue planning. If all goes well this will be a summer project.

I’m excited about the new developments in Special Collections.  Peter and his team have proposed a year-long strategic planning project that will lay the groundwork for the future of their program. One goal is to create a vision for an expanded, environmentally sound space for Special Collections (maybe on the fifth floor?). Developing and expanding our digital programs in Special Collections & University Archives is another part of this plan, and hiring a digital archivist is an important step in making that possible.  I hope everyone will have a chance to meet our three finalists at their presentations on Feb. 25, 27, and Mar. 4.

And finally:  Karen and I are thinking about new ways we could share with each other, and with the campus, what we’re doing and thinking about at REKL and as library professionals and information geeks.  Do you have ideas about this? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for a great week and enjoy the long weekend!